Merdeka Day

Initially I wanted to make a multi-coloured swirl for vanilla cupcakes in conjunction with Merdeka Day but things didn’t go well. My cupcakes didn’t produce a nice rounded top and my meringue icing was runny and not as smooth and silky as it should be. I also misplaced my Wilton 1E tip that I’ve used only once. So I used a 1M instead but the frosting didn’t look nice with the meringue.

It’s probably not a good baking week for me but at least it’s the weekend! None of the shops will be opened tomorrow so I have to put my weekend baking experiment on halt but Sunday will be a good day to look for a replacement for the 1E tip! And probably make some granola bars? ;)

Although the rest of the cupcakes didn’t have nice swirls, there’s still one which looked adequate.

Happy 56th Independence Day to Malaysia! I’ve traveled to many places and lived in a different country but nowhere beats the place I call home :)


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