The magnificence of a rice cooker

I heart my rice cooker. It was a gem when I was a student because I could cook almost anything in it – santan rice, nasi briyani and red bean soup! To you university students who will be/are living off-campus, bring a rice cooker along with you!

It’s still a gem now, of course, but I rarely use it to cook other foods except rice. The only time I cooked in my family’s rice cooker was pumpkin rice with chicken. It was a really good recipe but I lost it :(

While in the office today, I thought about my rice cooker days and decided that I should cook tomorrow’s lunch with it. I didn’t think much of the ingredients so I grabbed whatever I could from the kitchen to cook something simple.

I didn’t measure anything as I estimated the ingredients based on my own experience, but briefly:

1) Cut 1 chicken breast into cubes.

2) Pour light soya sauce (more) & dark soya sauce (less) onto chicken cubes. Add in white pepper and mix thoroughly until chicken cubes are fully covered in the sauce. Let the chicken marinade for at least 20 minutes. While you wait, wash the rice and proceed to chop some garlic (I used 2 cloves).

3) Once 20 minutes are up, heat up oil in wok and fry the garlic until aromatic. Put in the marinated chicken cubes and cook together with the garlic until it is almost done, then add in about 1/2 cup of water. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes. If the chicken is not cooked yet, don’t worry, we will be cooking them again in the rice cooker.

4) Place the chicken (together with the sauce) into the rice cooker with the washed rice. You don’t need to put much water into the rice cooker so do a rough estimation yourself based on what’s required. Stir the uncooked rice and chicken together and let the rice cooker do the rest of the job! :)

The smell is heavenly when the rice is about to be ready and the taste is not bad too! However in future, I would add a pinch of salt, spring onions and mushrooms.

If you have a rice cooker recipe to share, let me know!


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