Finding my roots

I rarely cook Chinese dishes even though I live in a home where we have Chinese food everyday. My dad has tried teaching me, but I always fail in getting the flavour right. He remarked that it’s because I suppressed my “inner-cook skill*” due to my dependance on measured ingredients. I think it’s mainly because we have different taste buds :P

(*My dad always assumes that all Hainanese have innate cooking skills)

I will be moving into my new home in a few months time with my soon-to-be husband. My future husband is a typical Chinese who favours Chinese food over everything else and can’t live without chili. I can never understand his preference considering we have a lot of good non-ChineseAsian restaurants all over the Klang Valley but this guy will pick a bowl of fish head meehoon over a plate of spaghetti anytime.

So I figured that I need to learn some Chinese dishes, pronto. The first person I asked for help was of course, my dad.

For the basics, he taught me his own Hainanese Fried Meehoon recipe which was really easy to cook. His secret ingredients: oyster sauce and brown sugar.

He stood next to me giving me directions on what to pour into the wok but never gave me measurements – “just agak-agak (estimate) the sauces, then you need to taste it with a spoon. If it’s a little salty, has a light sweetness with a hint of peppery taste, you are on the right track.”

So after 10 minutes, here’s my Hainanese Fried Meehoon:

I sent the above picture to my fiancĂ© and he asked me, “Singapore Fried Meehoon?”

(-___- “)

Looking forward to recreate familiar dishes at home with my parents before I move out. Otherwise, there’s always Google ;)