DIY: Lightbox

Aside from baking & cooking, my other hobby is to collect miniature diecasts, specifically from Takara Tomy. I recently made a large purchase from TRU & also Changi Airport and wanted to photograph each of my models. I’ve read so many sites with DIY lightbox and honestly, I am lazy to build one out of a box with 3 light bulbs shining through it. If you’re like me and looking for a quick solution for a DIY lightbox, here’s an idea for you.

All you need is a white cardboard, a larger than A4 size white paper and a table lamp, preferably one that provides white lighting. I used a fluorescent table lamp.

1) Fold the longer side of the cardboard into half and cut it.
2) Fold the half-cardboard into 3 equal parts.
3) Cut a base from the remaining half cardboard.
4) Place the folded cardboard onto the the base.
5) Slip in the white paper, ensuring that it’s not folded but “bent”.
6) Shine your lamp into your lightbox from the top and you’re ready to shoot!

The result:

These are unedited photos, shot at ISO 200. It doesn’t give enough lighting but I am satisfied with the result.

The best part about this lightbox is that you can fold it and store it away. It’s a little flimsy but works well if you need a lightbox immediately. I’ll probably build a proper lightbox one day, once I find 3 lamps and some space.