How-to: Register your business online (SSM)

I will honestly tell you that registering your business online through SSM may be more inconvenient than going to their office at KL Sentral. However, if you can’t take a day off or prefer to do it online, fear not — I have gone through this tedious task myself. There are guidelines posted up on their site (ROC | ROB) but the ROB one is in BM.

Few things before you begin:
1) Use IE. The forms used on their site did not work on my Chrome.
2) Please note that this guideline is for ROB. If you need ROC, I suggest reading their guideline (link above).
3) Prepare your credit card (CC) — although direct debit service is available, I used CC instead.
4) The website where you need to register your business is actually this.
5) If you start submitting your registration early in the day (eg 8.30 AM), there will be a higher chance of receiving your business registration number within the day.
6) Remember to click “Finish” button on all forms instead of “Save”. If you click on “Save”, the “Submit” button will be grayed out and you will have to re-open your form again.

A. SSM Subscriber Registration (RM 5 fee incurred)
1) Register for an account here. Follow their instructions & ensure that the details filled up are correct.
2) Once that’s done, login to your portal.
3) There will be a message box on the left which says, “Kindly update your MyKad Number to access MyGov Services. Please click on My User Group >> Edit Button”. “My User Group” is directly below “My Personal Information”. Click on the “Edit” button.
4) Fill in your details and click “Save”. You’ll be able to see a menu of links after this.
5) Under “MyGov Services”, click on “Online Service Directory”. Search for “SSM Subscriber Registration” and click on the link.
6) Proceed until you reach online service page where you can click open the form (remember, you need IE here!).
7) Choose “ROB” under “Step 1” and click on “Open Form”. Complete the form with your details & click “Finish”.
8) Tick “I agree …” box and hit “Submit”.
9) It will lead you to a page where you need to pay a fee of RM 5 for the subscription.
10) After submitting the payment, it will issue you a payment receipt and you’re done for the first part!
11) To view your recent activity, go to “MyPage” and click on “My Transaction” under “MyGov Services”. It will show you the form name that you have filled, reference number, description & creation date.

B. Application for Business Name Approval (ROB)
1) Under “MyGov Services”, click on “Online Service Directory”. Search for “Application for Business Name Approval (ROB)” and click on the link.
2) Proceed until you reach online service page where you can click open the form.
3) Under “Step 1”, click on “Open Form”. Complete the form with your details.
This is where the headache appeared for me. Apparently, they do not allow business name registration without the words “Enterprise”, “Trading”, “Resources” or “Solution”. So you have to put either 1 of those words after your desired business name. Otherwise, they will reject your name application stating the reason that it is too “umum” (general). Refer below:

However, I spoke to 1 of my colleagues who registered her business through the manual form at the SSM counter and she informed me that she did not have that requirement. You can call them up regarding this requirement.

4) After you submitted the form, you’ll have to wait for SSM to process your application. Under “My Transaction”, it will show you that your application is “In Process”. My business name approval took around 2 hours.

And the final step ..

C. Business Registration
1) Under “MyGov Services”, click on “Online Service Directory”. Search for “Online Registration of Business (ROB)” and click on the link.
2) Proceed until you reach online service page where you can click open “Form A”.
3) Fill in your name approval number from the reference number which they provided and click on “*Verify Name Approval No.”. It will auto-fill in your business name in the form.
4) Complete the mandatory details in the form and click “Finish”.
Note: Registration fee for sole proprietorship – RM 60 yearly.
5) If it’s required, fill in Step 2 (branch).
6) Click on the red link – 1 under Step 3 and fill in the details.
7) Proceed to Steps 4 (upload supporting doc) & 5 (notify business partner) if necessary.
8) Once you submit the form, it will lead you to the payment page.
9) And you’re done! The next step is to wait for an SSM officer to contact you via e-mail notifying your successful business registration, together along with a PDF attachment (Perakuan Pendaftaran) that contains your business registration details. I waited about 40 minutes.

Hope this guide is informative enough for you. Good luck!


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